SNF Spyker Trivet

Platinum-winning Simplicity.

The SNF Spyker trivet pays homage to vintage airplane propeller designs, blending classic lines with modern materials. Its stainless steel ring adds a touch of elegance to its vibrant design, making it a perfect fit for both contemporary and traditional homes.




Introducing the SNF Spyker trivet, inspired by propellers, seamlessly merging beauty and function. It offers quick opening with a secure “bump” lock, sleek closed design for easy storage, and silicone sleeves to protect tabletops from heat damage. An ideal blend of style and practicality.



Our challenge was to outshine a market competitor and redefine trivets, which typically fall into table top or compact categories. We chose the compact option, valuing portability and smart storage. Our research revealed the dire need for a design overhaul in this category. Existing trivets had complex, stiff leg and joint structures, or they couldn’t efficiently reduce in size for storage.



The SNF Spyker trivet won the most prestigious Platinum A’ Design Award in 2015:

Spyker is a practical and beautiful trivet inspired by its namesake propeller. Paying homage to the propeller designs of vintage airplanes the Spyker trivet combines classic lines with contemporary materials. The stainless steel ring adds a subtle touch of class to the discreet design and comfortably fits into both modern and traditional homes. The functional design features a fingertip duct which allows the user to quickly open the trivet even while wearing oven gloves. When not in use this trivet loves resting in any kitchen drawer, standing up in a jar or hang suspend from a kitchen hook.

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