Meet the shakerz

The team that does it all.


Prompong Hakk

Co-Founder, Head of Design


Surakead Hemwimon

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering


Opart Sununtapongsak

Senior Graphic Designer (Art Direction)

Pumepat Akkharamahawong

Photographer and Film Director

Phacanan Thongpila

3D Designer (Motion Animation)

Thoranisorn Huraphan

3D Designer (Concept Art)

Our team shakeology


At shakes we like to mix, stir and shake up creativity. So, it’s just about fitting that we use this metaphorically when it comes to our people, the shakerz.


At shakes our Junior Designers are our Ice cubes, an essential ingredient to any great cocktail. We understand that you are a little green around your nose but eager to learn. As our ice cubes we want you to be fresh, crisp, cool and charged with creative energy and willing to work hard.


Our mid-shakers are our Juice, a fresh and funny blend of wild creativity and rational discipline. Their creative Juice will allow shakes to push radical yet relevant ideas to our valued clientele and ensure the development of innovative concepts.


Our senior shakerz are the liquor to our creativity, they are strong and bold, pack a punch and give every project that extra kick. Without them a drink would fall short of any complexity and discipline. Seniors blend the creative process and ensure the quality of our work.


Our heads are like the olives on the martini, the garnish on the drink that makes all the difference. They define the drink from the beginning even when they’re placed last. Heads are distinct, few and exceptional at defining the quality of our work.