mutu AIr-Pillow adjustable air-suspension Pillow

Creating a healthier, filler-less pillow with cloudlike comfort.

mutu Air-Pillow was the world’s 1st filler-less height adjustable pillow using air-suspension technology. Fully funded on Kickstarter it went into production in 2018.

Re-imagining the pillow from the inside out


In 2017,  Australian start-up Somnium Labs approached us to help develop their Mutu Air-Pillow concept. Having won multiple awards for its strong concept and business potential, the original mutu prototype had to be completely reworked for production in Thailand with strict budget limits. Together with shakes, Somnium Labs redesigned the mutu pillow design, engineered the air pressure valve-mechanism, and the branded packaging for its crowdfunding campaign in 2018.



The challenge we faced with mutu was how to create the most comfort without a foam-based structure, using only air-suspension cushions. We solved this problem by designing a laser-cut membrane featuring a mathematical pattern that sits between the foam and air pockets for optimal flexibility and head-cradling support. 

intuitive sleeping


Mutu’s primary benefit stems from customizing the level of suspension for a sleeper’s ideal comfort. This is achieved by intuitively pulling on adjustment tags left and right of the pillow. This allows the user to change inflate or deflate mutu “on-the-fly” by gently lifting the head up without the need to break position or face the pillow.

Engineered and produced in Thailand


Shakes engineering developed all internal components, moving parts and mechanism for production in Thailand. Together with a local factory, we oversaw the running development and production issues for Somnium Labs to ensure timely delivery for the Kickstarter campaign.

Mutu’s cloud identity

Due to our initial involvement in Mutu’s creation shakes also developed Mutu’s brand identity and delivery experience for the Kickstarter campaign. Leveraging the soft and cosy shape of the product, Mutu’s cloud inspired logo, colour palette, all emphasized the product’s wellness and comfort and the feeling of a good night’s sleep.

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