Schneidteufel a-maze knife block

Transforming the mundane into a playful experience.

The a-maze knife block design stimulates our mental and visual senses. It playfully merges together aesthetics and functionality to fulfill its purpose.  Emotionally it speaks to us through our childhood memories and entertains our curiosity with a joyful sense of achievement.



The maze inspired storage slots emerged as a natural solution to storing multiple knife sizes on a very compact footprint. All knives are stored free-hanging for better aeration and improved hygiene without trapped moisture. The patented construction is easily disassembled if the inside needs cleaning.



With a market saturated by wooden blocks with limited storage and huge footprints our design strategy focussed on compactness, flexibility, and hygiene.
A-maze caters to an audience that can use this block with a single knife, or as their culinary horizon widens, offers additional slots, to store a variety of knives.



a-maze earned us our first international design awards, winning silver at the A Design Awards, Italy, Gold at the Good Design Awards, Chicago and a nomination at the German Design Awards in 2014.

A lasting partnership


A partnership starting in 2013 with WIKO Cutlery, shakes transformed Wiko’s Household product portfolio under their Schneidteufel brand into an award-winning selection of knives, blocks, sharpeners and more. This was our first of many collaborations that wielded a growing business and reputation for Schneidteufel’s distinctive product quality and design.


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