Turn your most accessible brand touch point into a smooth experience.

Transform your website into an informative and engaging experience with our wordpress powered services. We integrate authentic content and site design to create your brand’s unique digital footprint for all devices.

WP Powered, empowered content

With the introduction of Thailand 4.0 in 2017, the internet of things also caught up with shakes. We design engaging wordpress sites for informative content and more advanced ideas such as e-learning or even private social networks.

In a world very content is king, shakes’ capacity for original content development using photography, 3D visuals and video production, delivers quick turnarounds for website concepts.

design thinking business
design thinking design

Design Strategy

Design your future to transform your business.

Industrial Design

Turning ideas into reality with functional sense and desirable aesthetics .


Making sure things turn out working as they should.

Packaging Design

Impress on first sight.

Content Design

Influence purchasing decisions with key visuals and captivating messages.

FIlm Production

Nothing says it better than a moving image.

3D Animation

Enhance your story with mind-bending effects and visuals.

Brand Strategy

Explore archetypal structures and value based brand DNA.

Brand Identity

Turn key assets, make your brand unforgettable and enduring.

Exhibition Design

Drive visitors  into your space and deliver a brand engaging experience.