Maomoy Toothpaste Branding & Packaging

Toothpaste served in a fun new way.

In 2015, shakes bkk took on an exciting challenge—rebranding maomoy, a toothpaste designed for China’s trendy party crowd, especially young female students. Our mission? To shake up the oral care industry.

The outcome was a lively, imaginative approach that resonated with the audience, embodying the rebellious spirit and “it-girl vibe” that defines maomoy. Join us as we redefine oral care with an edgy, outlaw brand image. Get ready to embrace the attitude!

Personalized Toothpaste for Your Lifestyle!


The maomoy Toothpate was crafted for the vibrant young females of today, addressing specific oral issues tailored to your unique lifestyle:

Fashion B!#ch


Get ready for dazzling selfies with teeth as bright as your future. Flaunt your confidence with our stain-fighting formula.

Sugar Addict


For those who can’t resist sweets, we’ve got a solution to protect your pearly whites from sugar-related woes.

Party Animal


Conquer chronic bad breath from smoking and late-night revelry. Kiss bad breath goodbye!


Each product is named after popular songs like Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Fresh,” and Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” Your unique persona deserves a toothpaste that caters to your oral needs and style. Welcome to a new era of oral care!

Photo Shoot


Together with Bangkok Studio SOTA BITI, we produced all original marketing content images for the mamomoy Toothpaste brand!

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