Cooler Master Gaming Chairs

Delivering a cost-optimized Design Identity for market entry.

Cooler Master is a global player in PC hardware from power, thermal, cases to peripherals. It was only natural for the brand to get into setups. However, risk assessments and high tooling costs required a solid entry strategy for the brand, having successfully leveraged a single factory produced gaming chair under the Cooler Master label. The new Cooler Master Gaming Chairs needed to set themselves apart from the competition with the leanest approach. shakes crafted the Caliber Series into a consistent Cooler Master design identity by focusing on its most visible component, its interactive elements and color strategy.



The Cooler Master Gaming Chairs, code-named Caliber included the R2 and the X1 with the former being the mid-entry model and the latter the premium choice. shakes’  Design approach identified two shared elements, the chair in-take and recline mechanism side covers. Our research also indicated that these components were the most off-the-shelves applied parts for most of the run-to-the-mill gaming chairs, resulting in dozens of “me too” designs. We convinced Cooler Master to invest into original Cooler Master in-take and side covers to establish a recognizable design identity and build a system for future chairs to come. We also added a little playful touch with the Caliber branded textile tag to evoke feelings of authenticity.



The Caliber “Intake” is centerpiece of the Caliber Series. Its shape is inspired by the brand’s iconic logo and recently evolved “halo” ring. The raised inner section serves the purpose of stopping the lumbar pillow’s straps from slipping into the center and delivers a dynamic yet functional shape language. We also replaced the recline handle with a simple and ergonomic design that intuitively optimizes leverage from a user’s hand grip without requiring visual confirmation. 



To keep things simple we created a clear 3-level product tier architecture with distinctive color weights to differentiate between the entry-level “bolder” R1 models, the lighter mid-level R2 chair and the top tier X1 flagship with Carbon Fiber Mesh Fabric. The Caliber fabric pattern was formed in homage to one of CM’s most iconic products, the COSMOS PC Case andits distinct handle bar design.



With a continuous partnership starting in 2019 with Cooler Master’s setup division, shakes has become a key resource in transforming and innovating Cooler Master’s setup products from chairs, tables and other accessories.

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